Tender Details Directorate Expiry Date Action
1354Resettlement Plan Reach 3 Aman Chowk to HayatabadEngineering Directorate25-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
2355Resettlement Plan Reach 1 Chamkani Morh to Pirdos Cinema Engineering Directorate25-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
3358Resettlement Plan Reach 2 Firdos to Aman ChowkEngineering Directorate25-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
4368PBRT Staging Facilities Dabgari GardensEngineering Directorate25-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
5381Supply of Tyres front and rear for Tractor No. A 8163 A 8164 a 7067 RMT.Engineering Directorate18-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
6382Supply of Tyres front and rear for Tractor Trolley No. 09/117 W&S.Engineering Directorate18-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
7383Supply of Tyres front and rear for Tractor Trolley No. 128 University Town.Engineering Directorate18-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
8384EOI Expression of Interest called for the 6th time by Peshawar Development Authority for Established a Food Street in Commercial Center Sector F-8 Phase-VI Hayatabad Peshawar. Estate Management Directorate20-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
9385Construction / Rehabilitation of Roads in PK -06 12 -Nos Roads Engineering Directorate22-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
10386Construction / Rehabilitation of Roads in PK -06 10 -Nos RoadsEngineering Directorate22-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
11387Internal Roads Rehabilitaion Project Peshawar City ADP No. 1321/ 160256 sub head: Street Pavement Saination Side Wall Construction of CRoads Culvert etc in UC Khazana PK 08.Engineering Directorate22-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
12388Internal Roads Rehabilitaion Project Peshawar City ADP No. 1321/ 160256 sub head:Construction of Roads in PK 06 Peshawar 5 Nos Roads.Engineering Directorate22-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
13389Re-Invitation of BIDS for Construction of Building Infrastructure under Peshawar Sustainable Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project. Engineering Directorate23-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
14390Providing of different dia AC pipe with AC Commet jonits with rubber rings for maintenance o water supply RMTEngineering Directorate28-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
15391Providing of C-1 saddles different dia and C-1 special for repair and maintenance of water supply RMT.Engineering Directorate28-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
16392Rehabilitation of tube well at sector C-IV regi model town Peshawar Zone IVEngineering Directorate29-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
17393Re-construction of Tube Well chamber Park area Tube Well No. 1 Zone 3 RMT.Engineering Directorate29-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ
18394Rehabilitation of tube well at sector D-2 regi model town Peshawar Zone IEngineering Directorate29-12-2017Download Form Download BOQ

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