Tender Details Directorate Expiry Date Action
1610Repair and Maintenance of Tanker No. 5 Hort: Hst 2nd Time.Engineering Directorate02-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
2616Engine Overhauling Repair / Replacement of Parts for New Isuzu Tanker 842 Hort N-5.Engineering Directorate02-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
3620Supply of Rear Tyers for Tractor Trolley No. 08 and 09 Sanitation.Engineering Directorate03-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
4627Supply of Battery for Road Roller No. 04, 12 & Tractor No. 14 (MF)-35Engineering Directorate11-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
5628Repair / Replacement of Parts for Toyota Prado No. AA-2758.Engineering Directorate11-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
6629Repair and Maintenance of Garbage DrumsEngineering Directorate16-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
7630Repair and Maintenance of Fire Tanker No. 01Engineering Directorate16-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
8631Repair and Maintenance of Bucket Elevator No. 01 T-3500 Electrical.Engineering Directorate16-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
9632Supply of Rear Tyres for Tractor Loader No. 128 University Town.Engineering Directorate18-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
10633Supply of Front Rear Tyres for Tractor Loader No. 13.Engineering Directorate18-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
11634Supply of Tryes for Hino Tanker No. 1 (W&S).Engineering Directorate18-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
12635Supply of Tyres for New Hino Dumper and Garbage Compactor No. 3Engineering Directorate23-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
13636Supply for Front & Rear Tyres & Battery for ISUZU Tanker No. 818,824&825 (W&S).Engineering Directorate23-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ
14626pre qualification for commercial plaza at namak mandiEngineering Directorate02-10-2018Download Form Download BOQ

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