Estate Management Directorate

Functions of the Directorate:

  • Sale of vacant residential and commercial plots and constructed units in PDA Schemes, through open auction.

  • Allotment of plots earmarked for utility sites in PDA Schemes, to applicant organization and Government Departments, on reserve price.

  • Allotment of plots to specified groups, laid down in Disposal of Land by Development Authorities (Regulation) Act.1998.

  • Protection of PDAs immovable properties and removal of encroachments on vacant plots/PDA's unsold constructed units/roads in the schemes of PDA.

  • Recovery of cost/price of sold and allotted plots.

  • Delivery of possession of allotted/auctioned/exempted plots, to their rightful owners.

  • To allow transfer of plots.

  • To allow extension in building period of plots.

  • To issue No Objection Certificate (N.O.C) for obtaining loan for house building from House Building Finance Corporation and Banks.

  • To issue N.O.C for obtaining Sui Gas  connection.

  • To execute sale deeds of plots. After execution of sale deed rights are transferred to and vest in allottee proprietary.

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