S# Title Category Posting Date
1"Major Head: Peshawar Uplift Program ADP# 111/130647 (2014-15) Sub Head: Fabrication / Installation of Steel Billboards at different Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa" Corrigendum14-08-2016Details
2Corrigendum for the Work Namely Auction for Petrol Pump Service Station Tuck Shop at A-II Phase-v HayatabadCorrigendum08-03-2018Details
3Corrigendum for the work Namely Auction of Petrol / Disel Pump and Tuck Shop at Hayatabad Corrigendum20-03-2018Details
4Auction for Stalls in front of Haji Camp Phase VI HayatabadCorrigendum28-06-2018Details
5Demolation of PartationsCorrigendum28-06-2018Details
6Corrigendum for stalls and car parking Phase-vii Hayatabad. Corrigendum30-06-2018Details

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