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Directorate of Town Planning (Peshawar Development Authority)



Functions of the Directorate:

  • Approval of building plans of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and all other public utility sites in PDA schemes, private approved schemes and within the controlled area of PDA.

  • Prepare as well as maintain the demarcation record of each and every plot of PDA scheme.

  • To check the violations against the approved building plans/building regulations and to decide the cases regarding composition of these violations.

  • Processing of land use conversion according to the policy/rules.

  • Maintenance of demarcation record.

  • To issue completion certificate of all building erected on plots of PDA schemes after composition of violations.

  • To check and remove un-authorized constructions, encroachments and illegal land use conversions, in PDA jurisdiction, through statutory as well as physical measures under PDA Act 1975.

  • Planning and design of plans of land sub-division, public utilities, amenities and facilities.

  • Processing and disposal of queries regarding land use, housing and urban planning situations in the city.

  • Processing and issuance of No Objection Certificates for establishment of different land uses, Petrol pumps, CNG Stations, Mosques in the area, in the light of prevailing policies and other related planning documents.

  • Lodging of complaints to the Competent Courts as provided in section 35/38 of Peshawar Development Authority and policy enforced from time to time.

  • To sanction the sub-division of plots on payment of prescribed fee in accordance with the instructions/orders and policy enforced from time to time.

  • Rendering advices on periodic improvements/modifications in existing land use plans, zoning and building regulations/polices of the Authority.

  • Future Planning of Peshawar.

  • Processing of Private Housing Schemes.

  • Planning of ongoing Housing Schemes.

  • Scrutiny of Building Plans of Private Housing Schemes and In The Controlled Area In The Light of The Structure Plan/Master Plan.

  • Scrutiny of NOCs In The Controlled Area As Per New Proposed PDA's Schemes And Structure Plan.

  • Preparation and Implementation of Master Plan.




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