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Directorate of Legal Wing (Peshawar Development Authority)



Functions of the Wing:

  • To defend litigation for and against the PDA from Civil Court to Supreme Court including Labor Courts, Labor Appellate Tribunal, N.I.R.C. Wages Authority ,Ombudsman Punjab , Other competent Authorities.

  • To arrange Comments, documents from concerned Directorates.

  • To arrange certified copies of Court's orders and judgments passed against the Authority for filling appeals in the next higher courts.

  • To arrange filling of appeals against the judgments / decrees affecting the interest of the Authority before the competent Court within the Limitation period.

  • To ensure timely production of evidence in the Courts.

  • To exercise monitoring of working of all Legal advisors / Standing Counsel of Authority in different Courts.

  • To ensure timely communication of vacation of stay orders / disposal of cases to concerned Directorates for prompt action.

  • To recommend appointments / extension of services of Legal advisors / Standing Counsel to the competent Authority.

  • To monitor the working of subordinate staff of Legal Directorate.

  • To clarify and interpret courts orders for the guidance of concerned Directorates.

  • To tender advice to concerned Directorates on legal issues.

  • To arrange timely filling of replies / written statements in various courts on the basis of comments supplied by concerned Directorates.

  • To ensure satisfaction of courts decrees having attained finality by the concerned Directorates.

  • To arrange vacation of Stay Orders hampering vital projects of Authority.

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