Peshawar Development Authority comprises upon following Functional Groups:

  1. Urban Development
  2. Traffic Engineering Wing
  3. Parks and Horticulture Wing

List of Directorates and Sections

  • Estate Management Directorate
  • Functions of the Directorate:

    • Sale of vacant residential and commercial plots and constructed units in PDA Schemes, through open auction.

    • Allotment of plots earmarked for utility sites in PDA Schemes, to applicant organization and Government Departments, on reserve price.

    • Allotment of plots to specified groups, laid down in Disposal of Land by Development Authorities (Regulation) Act.1998.

    • Protection of PDAs immovable properties and removal of encroachments on vacant plots/PDA's unsold constructed units/roads in the schemes of PDA.

    • Recovery of cost/price of sold and allotted plots.

    • Delivery of possession of allotted/auctioned/exempted plots, to their rightful owners.

    • To allow transfer of plots.

    • To allow extension in building period of plots.

    • To issue No Objection Certificate (N.O.C) for obtaining loan for house building from House Building Finance Corporation and Banks.

    • To issue N.O.C for obtaining Sui Gas  connection.

    • To execute sale deeds of plots. After execution of sale deed rights are transferred to and vest in allottee proprietary.

Peshawar Development Authority


Interview for appointment of class IV in PDA under the 5% Minority
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Quota on 11/10/2021 at 11:00 Am at PDA Main office Phase 5

Notice For Auction Of Residential Plots Are Invited At Hayatabad

One Window Operation

Notice Of Auction Are Invited For Cafiteria Canteen And Tak Away

Notice For Auction Are Invited For Petrol Pumps At Rmt And Hayatabad

Notice For Auction Of Hirise Building Are Invited At Hayatabad

Notice For Auction Of Various Entries Car Parking Are Invited